Parracino's Labs
                                         Mountain View, AR



Photo Gallery
Our first kennel, in Florida!
Our present kennel, in Arkansas!
We welcome and encourage all new owners,
to submit a "family" photo for posting!
Thank You all for providing loving homes,
for our fur babies!

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This is how it all started!  
Siblings, Shadow & Sheba
Our first litter!
Bath Time!
Sheba & her pups
The big "Pow Wow"
Can we get down now?
Eating in style!
Fenced In
We're off to the vets!
Four Yellow Pups
Hey...who's the looooong guy?
Group Photo
It's a pool party!
K-9 Pinwheel
Lady nursing her pups!
Let us out...we're innocent!
Chocolates...we're off to the vets!
Mom, help us up!
Playing in the leaves!
Yeah...Another ride!!
Playtime in the snow!
Portrait Time!
Puppy Kisses!
Quality Playtime!
Snack Time!